Are AEDs Worth It?

By Tri-State Training January 18, 2023
AEDs help to save lives. It is so important that buildings or areas, where lots of people congregate, have easily accessible AEDs. 

Daniel Story, a Louisiana police officer, is being praised and honored for his quick-thinking, life-saving skills. Daniel was on duty, providing security in a church, when a 52-year old man passed out. Not wasting a second, Story rushed over to the man and immediately asked for an AED to be brought over, however the church was unprepared and did not have an AED on site. Story rushed over to the nearest fire station, grabbed their AED, and proceeded back to the church. Corporal Story began CPR, administered with shocks. The man regained consciousness, and was rushed to the hospital. The man survived and Corporal Daniel Story was awarded a Life Saving Award.1

Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs, are machines that use an electric shock to restore rhythm back to the heart, after a person goes into Cardiac Arrest. Although they can be expensive, it’s really a no-brainer purchase. CPR administered with an AED drastically increases the probability that the victim will survive. Cardiac Arrest doesn't discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time. Being prepared is crucial for any emergency situation.

The fact that the church, from the news article, was not equipped with an AED left all its patrons at risk. Time is the most significant factor when a person is in cardiac arrest. It is literally the difference between life and death. Any place where multiple people congregate, whether it’s a mall, religious center, day care, should have an AED.  


  • Are AEDs complex to use? - No! In fact, most brands of AEDs provide step-by-step directions on how to properly use them. That means a bystander, with no medical training, can accurately administer shocks.   
  • Are AEDs portable? - Yes! AEDs are only 3LBs, about the size of a box of cereal, and come in a carrying case.
  • Are AEDs safe to use on Infants? - Yes! Specific pads, Pediatric Pads, are designed for infants and children. *If the AED you’re using only has adult pads, you can use them on infants and children*
  • What is the maintenance on an AED? - One of the perks of buying an AED through Tri-State is guaranteed maintenance on the machine. 
  • Are AEDs expensive? - Well, they aren’t inexpensive. A reliable brand will cost about $1,500. At Tri-State, we offer payment plans and occasionally we have promotional discounts.

So now it poses the question: Isn’t the cost of an AED worth it, if it’ll save someone’s life? And the answer is yes, it’s 100% worth it. Tri-State provides its clients with courses to teach proper CPR techniques and the knowledge to accurately use an AED. We also supply yearly maintenance and replacement of batteries and pads.



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