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MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves from MicroFlex are black latex-free gloves designed to mask the toughest of stains while providing the durability, comfort, and protection typical of nitrile gloves.

MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves are fully textured for superior grip and do not have the associated risks that come with a natural rubber latex allergic response. They are the black nitrile glove of choice for people who demand uncompromising quality and protection and are applicable for use in industries such as law enforcement, tattoo, funeral, correctional facilities, automotive, and industrial safety.

MidKnight latex-free black gloves from MicroFlex are the perfect choice when day-to-day hazards require a combination of durability and consistency, working environments demand firm grip and reliability, and precise contact requires enhanced tactile sensitivity.

Benefits of MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves:

  • Thicker, stronger and more elastic than most other latex-free gloves. • Highly resistant to many chemicals, including acids and alkalis. • Provide a secure grip in handling tools and instruments. • Come in a smooth finish; a distinctive jet black color that camouflages ink stains. • Powder-free with lower protein to address safety & allergy issues.

There are 100 ambidextrous latex-free gloves per dispenser box, by weight.

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MicroFlex MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves

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