Lifepak CR2 Semi-Automatic With Handle


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SKU: 99512-001262
Simple design allows for easy operation by lifting the lid and following prompts
4-year pad/battery life (while connected to device)
Child mode to deliver appropriate shocks for younger victims with the push of a button (no separate pediatric pads needed)
The ONLY AED that allows you to perform uninterrupted CPR while AED analyzes heart rhythm, saving you precious seconds with CPRInsight technology
Detects background noise and adjusts audio and voice prompts to ensure they can be heard clearly in noisy environments with ClearVoice technology
Delivers escalating energy up to 360 Joules
Continuous self-monitoring to ensure your device is always rescue-ready
Wi-Fi connectivity
What’s Included
Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 AED (in your choice of semi-automatic or fully-automatic)
Comes with Handle
QUICK-STEP adult/child pacing/ECG/defibrillation electrodes (with 4-year warranty)
LIFEPAK CR2 AED Lithium Battery
Owner's Manual
USB Cable
8-Year Warranty from Physio-Control

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