Defibtech High-Use Battery Pack (DBP-2800), With 9V Lithium


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High-Use Battery Pack (DBP-2800), with 9V Lithium

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Defibtech High-Use Battery Pack (DBP-2800), With 9V Lithium

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Defibtech Lifeline High Capacity Battery DCF-210 includes the primary battery DBP-2800 and the lithium 9-volt battery DAC-410. The primary battery DBP-2800 powers the AEDs primary functions including analyzing and defibrillation during a rescue and the 9-volt battery powers the AEDs self-testing features. Together both of these Defibtech AED batteries make up the Defibtech Battery Pack DCF-210. The primary Defibtech Battery has a stand-by life of 7 years installed and can deliver up to 300 shocks or 1600 hours of continuous monitoring and or rescue operations. The 5-year Defibtech AED battery is also available and can be found here, DCF-200. Either battery includes a 4-year guarantee from date of purchase.

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Weight 2

Length: 1in

Width: 1 in

Height: 1 in

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