AED Cabinet Recessed


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JL Industries 1417F12 AED Cabinet is designed to accommodate all AEDs on the market today. This AED cabinet is “semi-recessed” which means it will need to be installed into a cut out in a wall (no electrical needed). Once installed the cabinet will extend from the surface of the wall 3 inches with 3 and ¾ inches of the cabinets depth housed inside the wall. This semi-recessed AED cabinet comes standard with the Commander Alarm (audible) and can also be ordered with the optional strobe/alarm adding a visual alert that the cabinet has been opened. Both alarm configurations are triggered when the AED door is opened and can be disarmed by using the “disarm key” (included).

Product Information

AED Cabinet Recessed

Product Description

Semi-Recessed AED Wall Cabinet with Commander Alarm

Additional Information

Weight 5

Length: 14in

Width: 14 in

Height: 6.3 in

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