HeartSine SAM 360P AED Aviation, Fully-Automatic


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Why choose the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 360P? The Samaritan PAD 360P with industry exclusive SCOPE biphasic waveforms is the most portable & lightweight unit which is compliant with AHA 2015 guidelines.

Product Information

HeartSine SAM 360P AED Aviation, Fully-Automatic

Product Description

Compact, Easy-to-Use, Lifesaving Technology for Anybody to Use.

Sudden cardiac arrest strikes 7 million people a year worldwide with no warning and no pattern. There’s little time to react and even less time to think. This means an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) must be close at hand, easy to use and ready to shock. The fully automatic Heartsine Samaritan PAD 360P (SAM 360P) offers industry leading value and protection, all in an easy-to-operate system in the smallest and lightest package available.

Ready to Shock

Portable and lightweight the HeartSine samaritan AED is much smaller and lighter than other AEDs at only 2.4 lbs.

Highest level of protection against dust and water.

With its IP56 rating, the Heartsine Samaritan AED defibrillator offers unmatched ruggedness.

Additional Information

Weight 2.5

Length: 12in

Width: 12 in

Height: 12 in

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