Adult SMART Pads Cartridge, HS1


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Adult SMART Pads Cartridge, HS1

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HeartStart OnSite Adult SMART Pads are appropriate for cardiac arrest victims weighing 55 pounds (25 kg) or more. Upon receipt of your new pads, follow the simple instructions below: Remove new pads cartridge from its package Release and remove the old pads cartridge by locating the latch on top of the OnSite unit and sliding it Insert new pads cartridge by sliding the bottom end of the cartridge into the recess and then pressing down firmly until the latch clicks into place (see photo) Once the pads have been fully inserted, the OnSite unit will inform you that pads have been inserted and that it is ready for use. *NOTE: DO NOT PULL THE PADS CARTRIDGE HARD COVER OR FILM SEAL UNTIL READY FOR ACTUAL USE. IF HARD COVER IS ACCIDENTALLY OPENED, COVER IMMEDIATELY TO PREVENT ADHESIVES FROM DRYING. ONCE PAD ADHESIVES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED, YOU WILL NEED TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE PADS CARTRIDGE

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Weight 5

Length: 1in

Width: 1 in

Height: 1 in

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